Rob Wolf

SAT, JUN 01 / 8PM

SAT, JUNE 01 / $10 COVER

All events are 21+

You can take the boy out of Montana, but you can never take Montana out of the boy. Rising country music artist Rob Wolf was raised in Livingston, home of the majestic Paradise Valley. A country boy with a love of family and music and a strong faith in God, Wolf credits his home state for his love of the great outdoors. His earliest memories are of being covered in mud while hunting with his dad, and exploring the valley for hours on horses or four-wheelers. His fondest recollections, though, are those on the river’s edge, with a fly rod in his hand, his dad down the bank and John Denver’s iconic voice floating through the air. If he isn’t fishing in his free time, you can find him skiing.

A thrill-seeker, Wolf likes to find the steepest and wildest mountain to take on. Knowing that the earth can grab him by the ankles and take him down at any second, is an adrenaline boost second only to that of performing in front of an excited audience.