counting coup

FRI, JUN 21 / 8PM

FRI, JUN 21 / $10 COVER

All events are 21+

Coup, pronounced “ko͞o”, meaning to strike. In Native American culture, counting coup is the ultimate display of bravery. It comes in many forms but the most known is to touch your enemy in battle, showing that you could have taken their life and chose not to. No matter the case, counting coup always includes risking one’s life for the sake of honor and bravery.

Counting Coup, in its purest form, is an act of bravery reliant upon steel nerves, glorious ambition, and unfaltering faith. This band brings all these things and more to each performance. Counting Coup, with its rugged, rowdy, and broken sound, is bound to draw you in with soulful leads and melodies while flattening you with lyrics that range from gleeful to heart wrenchingly desolate. It is a collaboration of joy, pain, suffering, understanding, and plain old fun. The band is comprised of Troy Falcon on bass/lead vocals, Toby Falcon on guitar/vocals, Brenden Fritzler on harmonica, and Ken Clark on drums.